Brownies vs Cookies: The Snack-off!

brownies vs cookies

Brownies. Cookies. Both are delicious. Both are popular with kids and adults. But if you pitted them against each other, brownies vs cookies, who would win? Are brownies or cookies better? Let’s find out. 

But wait… are brownies cookies or cakes?

Yup, we knew you’d be asking that. (Or not.) Let’s get this question out of the way. So surprisingly, according to, brownies are actually bar cookies. Yes, even if they look like mini-cakes. So if you think about it, it’s actually funny that brookies exist. Isn’t that just a repetition or repackaging of the same thing? The same with the question “Can you make brownies into cookies?” But we digress.

brookies the bailiwick academy
Brookies: brownies that are also cookies. Kinda repetitive. But still yummy.

So does this mean this cookies vs brownies debate is useless since brownies are technically cookies? Well, no! Even if a brownie is technically a cookie, there are still many differences when it comes to making each one. Recipes are different, tastes are different, and so on. For example, Chef Joey Prats has unique recipes for both brownies and cookies. Let’s jump into those differences now!

Quick disclaimer too: Before anything else, we’d also like to say that we’re just going to look at the popular flavors of both. We’re just going to talk about chocolate chip cookies and chocolate brownies. Sorry, no butter cookies or other flavors in this discussion. Besides, chocolate flavor is the first thing you associate with them, right? 

The case for Team Cookie

cookies chocolate chip the bailiwick academy brownies vs cookies

What’s the snack kids prepare for Santa Claus during Christmas? That’s right, milk and cookies! That alone should push the case for Team Cookie to win, right? LOL. And why wouldn’t Santa want to eat some chewy chocolate cookies after a long night’s work? Just typing this now is getting us thinking about it!

Other people like cookies too because they’re more flexible in terms of texture. A cookie can be crispy and crunchy or soft and chewy, and no one would complain. Do a brownie that’s too soft or too crunchy, and people wouldn’t be happy. And if you’re a milk lover, you’d definitely love dunking cookies in your milk. Oh, and who makes ice cream sandwiches with brownies? No one we know!

The Case for Team Brownie

brownies vs cookies the bailiwick academy

Other people appreciate a good brownie better because of its texture and consistency. And of course, we have yet to see anyone turn down fudgy brownies! When it comes to brownies, you can definitely stuff it with more flavor, since It’s more three-dimensional than a cookie. And since it’s more three-dimensional, it also feels more filling than regular cookies! You will feel more satisfied eating just one brownie compared to one cookie.

Brownies also feel a bit more special. If you think about it, there’s no real brownie that can be bought in grocery stores. Cookies do. You can also imagine that you’re getting a bunch of mini-cakes instead of one big cake. Furthermore, you can store more brownies thanks to their shape. And brownies are great with coffee!

Brownies vs. cookies: which is easier to make?

brownies vs cookies the bailiwick academy

Say you’re going to an event where you have to bring your own food. So it got you thinking: “Should I make cookies or brownies? Are cookies or brownies easier to make?” Well, the general process is the same, right? Just whip up the mixture, put parchment paper on the pan, pour mixture on the pan, place in the oven. Done, right? Well, not exactly.

Considerations for cookies involve shaping them, making sure they’re separate on the pan, and so on. If you don’t separate them properly, you’ll end up with not-so-attractive shapes. Brownies are easier to make because you can cut them up after they cool down. You just have to make sure you’re cutting shapes evenly.  This should answer the question “Are brownies or cookies easier to make?”, right?

Brownies vs cookies: what’s the healthier choice?

healthy snacks the bailiwick academy

When it comes to being healthier, which is better, brownies or cookies? Do brownies or cookies have more calories? Well, you can check out the table made here by Bertha Mae’s Brownie Co. Overall, brownies carry more calories! 

So are brownies or cookies healthier? Well, we definitely know the answer to the question “Are brownies healthier than cookies?” is a no. But we also can’t really say that cookies are any healthier than brownies. After all, both contain sugar. And while they’re delicious, overindulging in either is not recommended.

Which will survive transportation better?

transportation the bailiwick academy
Which product is more likely to stay intact upon delivery? That’s something to consider!

When it comes to brownies vs chocolate chip cookies, let’s also consider what’s easier to transport. Say you have no choice and you have to have your goods transported via motorcycle. It’s not the best choice, because a lot of riders aren’t careful. You have to think about what will happen to either your cookies or brownies while in transit. If they’re in boxes, brownies might have a better chance of surviving intact. With cookies though, if they’re the soft, chewy kind, you might end up with chocolate chips scattered all over. Worse, your cookies might be halved already. Cookies might survive better in other types of packaging or being transported in cars. Brownies are generally tougher. They might be a better choice if you need to bring your baked goods anywhere.


So, brownies vs. cookies. Which one wins? Well, at the end of the day, there’s no real answer to what’s better, brownies or cookies. We can’t even answer the question, “Are brownies or cookies more popular?” We’re definitely leaning toward one of them, but we won’t say which one! Both are definitely delicious and delightful to eat.

Thankfully, here at The Bailiwick Academy, we have plenty of recipes for both brownies and cookies. There’s no need to choose! Sign up for free and get started on your first recipe now. 

P.S. If you STILL can’t decide on what to make first, try our free brownies class by Chef Jimbo Panadero!

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