Growing Your Bakery Business with Facebook Ads

By this time, you must have been receiving orders already from the classes that you learned from us.

You’re flooding your wall with items that you’re selling.

You already tapped your relatives, neighbours and friends to taste your baked goods.

But you can’t just rely on them ordering your creations everyday right?

Now, you have to expand your reach.

Here are some tips:

  1. Join bazaars, banchetto, expo etc.
  2. Send a letter of intent to become a supplier. Send proposals to coffee shops, party venue, convenience stores, offices.
  3. Tie up with photographers, caterers, party venue

While all these are good, you’re still not sure how many people will remember you after they pass by your booth. 

Most often, they get overwhelmed with all the brochures that they have. 

You are limited to the people who went to your booth.

You also don’t have any way of getting back to them or make a follow up.

And that’s where Facebook Ads come in. 

Almost everyone is on Facebook. So why not advertise there right? 

You might say, “Facebook ads is just a click of a button that says BOOST POST”!

But do you notice that after a while, you’re just getting all these likes and reactions but it doesn’t convert into sales?

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool but you have to understand how it works to maximize its potential. You can reach the market for you and help your business grow!

That’s the reason why I invited Facebook ads marketing expert Julian Canita to teach us on how we can grow our bakery business using Facebook ads. He will even walk you through the actual process of creating an ad which you can copy yourself! 

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Here's an overview:

  1.  Facebook Ads Overview
    a. What are Facebook Ads 
    b. Why are Facebook Ads Awesome
  2. Ad Campaign Walthrough - Exact steps on how to set up your Facebook ad campaign
    a. How to setup your ad account 
    b. How to choose and determine an ad campaign objective. 
    c. How to target your desired audience 
    d. How to create an actual ad. 
    e. How to start a conversation with prospects after clicking your ad
  3. How to get people to order and check out your products with Facebook Messenger
    a. How to setup auto replies. 
    b. How to create a menu of products 
    c. How to follow up with people with questions.

If you’re interested to grow your business and expand your reach, click the button below to ENROLL.

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