Online Class: How to Make Spanish Bread

Spanish Breads are a staple in the Filipino bakery. I love eating them during merienda or our version of afternoon tea. It is sweet and the bread itself is moist and similar to our pan de sal.

It is also great for breakfast!

Hey! Any meal that goes with a hot drink like coffee or hot coco, the humble Spanish Bread will fit right in.

Is it from Spain?

Before I go further, NO, this is not a Spanish invention. It is a Filipino invented bread. As to why it is called Spanish Bread, the closest that I could find is that it was made during the colonial time.

The bread which is similar to pan de sal and the butter or margarine used to make it, is influenced by the Spanish colonizers.

Yes it is a Filipino bread!

Why Make Them?

There is a certain magic in the air when you smell freshly baked bread coming out of your kitchen. You get to know what is going into your bread and you can be certain that it fresh.

We love this bread because it can also be a great business alongside other commercial breads. You can find this in almost all of the bakery shops here in the Philippines!

Want to learn to make them?

There are several recipes out there that teach you how to make Spanish bread. However, not all have tried and tested and not all are made by experts not to mention the lack of detail in making them.

Imagine wasted time in searching and possible wasted ingredients that may come when trying out these recipies.

Good thing I have a solution for you!

A fool-proof proof recipe from an expert! Chef James Magos or widely known as Jimbo de Panadero shares you his techniques and knowledge gained over years of experience in the baking industry.

It is not only a class for making Spanish Bread but also a baking class. You can pick up the knowledge and skills that will help you make great breads for your family and for your business!

Sign up and learn!

Below is the class overview. Chef Jimbo will go into detail on each one of them as you go along. As if he is there right at your kitchen guiding you.

We start with detailed explanation on the ingredients and their measurements.
You get to get to work with your hands or with equipment if you want to.
Chef Jimbo will teach you of course how to do it properly including how to knead.
Proper portioning.
He will teach you how to make the filling and how to properly place and roll them.
All properly spaced.
You get to learn to make these bread from scratch!
Hand made makes the best breads as you get to feel the dough’s texture.
After kneading you get to prepare them for portioning.
Portions ready for the filling.
Once done lay them out ready for the oven.
Who would not want freshly made bread coming straight from their kitchen?

Try it out and gain confidence to try out other breads or pastries!

Sign up in the Spanish Bread online class by Chef Jimbo de Panadero by clicking this link.

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