Korean Egg Drop: An Egg-Citing Korean Sandwich!

egg drop sandwich

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that we recently talked about sandwiches. And if you would also know that we love Korean things – food (like Korean Buttercream Floral cake) and K-dramas! So for this blog entry, we’re going to combine talking about sandwiches and Korean things – we’ll be talking about the Korean egg drop sandwich!

Doesn’t that just make you drool right now? It’s certainly making us crave for one! That only means we should finish this blog entry as quickly as possible, wouldn’t you agree? 

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this fluffy, delectable sandwich!

What is Korean egg drop?

So an egg drop is a Korean sandwich. It’s Korean food with egg on top. Uh, duh, right?

But what is it, exactly?

It’s basically an egg sandwich that is named after the restaurant that popularized this particular sandwich. (Yes, the name of the restaurant is EGGDROP.) According to Preview, these sandwiches are a favorite breakfast food in Korea.

If you’ve watched the K-drama Hospital Playlist, you would have seen the restaurant there:

hospital playlist the bailiwick academy korean egg drop
Check out the lower left corner.

And apparently, that’s what made Filipinos notice the sandwich… and crave it!

What is inside the Korean egg drop?

The usual Korean egg drop ingredients are the bread, scrambled egg (obviously), your choice of meat like tuna, and bacon, and a sweetened mayo sauce. Some add sriracha for an extra kick. When the sandwich has been assembled, you can sprinkle it with parsley or other herbs as well as more of the mayo sauce.

What bread do you use for Korean egg drop?

One particular ingredient that makes Korean egg drop authentic is the bread. If you’re not eating the sandwich with thick brioche bread, it’s not real! 

brioche bread the bailiwick academy korean egg drop

This particular bread adds to the flavor of the sandwich thanks to its slightly sweet flavor and light and airy texture that comes out when it gets toasted.

Why is this particular sandwich so appealing?

Well, aside from Pinoys really loving Korean culture, we have two theories on why this particular Korean sandwich is so popular.

1) It’s so nice to photograph!

You’ve seen the sandwich, right? Doesn’t it look so nice, especially the colors? And that bread – it’s so fluffy!

It’s just so nice to look at. You’d find it hard to NOT take a picture before trying it out. It’s reinforced by EGGDROP themselves, as they have discovered that their sandwiches have recorded more views than anything else. 

Speaking of taking pictures, if you want to make sure that you take really good photos of this really beautiful sandwich, take our Mobile Food Photography class!

2. It’s just so delicious.

This sandwich, while it’s basically an egg sandwich, is quick to make and is super delicious. In fact, thanks to the ingredients, you will feel full for hours! Who wouldn’t want to eat this, right?

It’s just so good, people are doing mukbang videos eating it, like this one:

Where can I get Korean Egg Drop?

Because Filipinos love Korean food (and yes, Koreans and Korean culture in general, LOL), you don’t have to go to Korea to eat this super delicious sandwich. In fact, you can Google “best Korean egg drop sandwich Philippines” and you’ll see plenty of results. We’re sure you’ll be able to get your hands on one (depending on your location of course).

But did you know that instead of buying this sandwich, you can make it yourself? That way, you can control however you want it to taste, and what it contains!

How do I make a Korean Egg Drop sandwich?

So, do you no longer want to Google “korean egg drop near me”? Well, here’s some good news: The Bailiwick Academy has a new class by Chef Jimbo de Panadero. Check it out:

Oops, did we leave you hanging of what’s inside the class? Well, watch this next video!

That’s right! Our new class is called Korean-Style Egg Drop Sandwich and More! Why?

Well, not only will you learn how to make Korean egg drop sandwich, but you’ll also learn how to make the brioche buns for the sandwich…

Plus, you’ll also get the procedure to make delicious Garlic Cream Cheese Buns…

garlic cream cheese buns the bailiwick academy

And even the bonus recipe for a dessert Toast Box!

toast box the bailiwick academy

All these are perfect while binging on top Korean historical dramas (and other K-dramas with different themes) for a truly authentic Korean night.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at The Bailiwick Academy and start making (and eating) this Korean sandwich! You’ll be the toast of your family and friends – guaranteed!

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