Why Bailiwick?

A bailiwick is one’s sphere of expertise or area of interest. Consider Bailiwick as your own library in which you can browse various subjects from Arts and Crafts to Baking to Calligraphy up until Zoology!

The internet is a massive place but we hope to bring knowledge through guidance of various experts in one place as well as provide tools to enhance everyone’s learning experience. We try to answer all of the gaps from learning online and bridge them in our site because we believe that everyone has their own set of skills. We would like to help those people who want to achieve their full potential through the classes that we offer.

Let us be the answer to your questions, may it be for business, a new hobby or you just simply want to learn.

We try to make things as simple and practical as possible for everyone that’s why signing up is free. Philippines is slowly adapting to e-commerce.

Not a lot of people in the Philippines have credit cards or Paypal. To solve this hindrance, The Bailiwick Academy partners with a reputable third party provider so that people can have other payment options like remittance centers.

Students can browse topics of their interest and view the class introduction for free. There are also complimentary classes offered so that students will have a glimpse of what the topic is all about. Students can post questions about the topic which will be answered personally by the instructor or learn from fellow students.

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