Best Chocolate You Can Buy (At Any Convenience Store)

best chocolate you can buy the bailiwick academy

We’re sure that home bakers like you have plenty of experience when it comes to the flavor and texture of chocolate, whether it’s chocolate ganache or when you’re creating artisanal chocolate for your clients. But sometimes, it’s not about using it in your chocolate products—it’s about satisfying your sweet tooth or eating a chocolate bar for a pick-me-up. So, what’s the best chocolate you can buy to accomplish just that?

Well, here’s some good news for you: we have a list! We quickly dropped by a convenience store to see which chocolates are available to get you through those moments when you need a little indulgence without the fuss. 

Let’s explore the range of delicious, convenient options waiting for you at your nearest store—at least, if you live in the Philippines. Get ready to rediscover some classic favorites and maybe even find a new go-to chocolate treat!

Best Chocolate You Can Buy: A Disclaimer

Before we dive into our chocolate extravaganza, a quick heads-up: This isn’t a comprehensive or authoritative list by any means. Think of it more as a curated selection of our favorite chocolate finds that are easily accessible and perfect for those spontaneous cravings.

So, what’s not on the list? For starters, you won’t find any white chocolate or gourmet chocolates here. We’re focusing on the timeless appeal of everyday brown chocolates. We also didn’t include any of the best chocolate you can buy online since this list is all about what you can quickly snag at your local convenience store — no waiting for delivery!

We’ve also left out the larger, more elaborate chocolate boxes. We aim to highlight those perfect grab-and-go treats that fit easily in your bag or pocket, ideal for that instant chocolate fix. And as much as we adore seeing an exotic truffle collection and the art of fine chocolate making, they’re not the focus of today’s list—we’re celebrating those every day, effortlessly obtainable chocolate bars.

Also, this list isn’t about which chocolate is the best—everyone likes different things. We’re just showing you the chocolates we found at the store.

Finally, we also didn’t include any pricing, since prices vary depending on where you buy your chocolate bar.

Got all that? Great. Now, on to the list!

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 1: Snickers

snickers best chocolate you can buy the bailiwick academy

A satisfying mix of nougat, caramel, and peanuts, all generously coated in milk chocolate, Snickers bars are more than just a chocolate treat—they’re a filling snack. Snickers really fall under the best chocolate bar you can buy when you’re hungry, and you’re not yourself (cheers to those got this as Snickers’ tagline!).

You can easily get these at any convenience store or grocery store—perfect for those mid-afternoon hunger pangs!

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 2: Cadbury

cadbury the bailiwick academy

Cadbury is really popular for its smooth, creamy chocolate. They have a variety, but not necessarily adventurous flavors, like fruit and nut infusions. A lot of people love it – Cadbury apparently sells over 350 million Dairy Milk bars every year! 

Also, Cadbury was the first to make heart-shaped chocolate boxes and probably making chocolate synonymous with special occasions. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Of course, thankfully, you don’t need any special occasions to indulge in a Cadbury—they’re pretty accessible in groceries and various convenience stores.

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 3: Reese’s Pieces

reese's pieces the bailiwick academy best chocolate you can buy

Reese’s Pieces are a big hit among peanut butter lovers. People praise their chocolate coating, the peanut butter inside, and the fact that they don’t melt in your hands. If you’re into peanut butter, these tiny, colorful candies with creamy centers, crunchy shells, and delicious flavor and texture combinations are definitely worth a try.

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 4: Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy chocolates are really fun because of the surprise toy inside. It’s exciting to open the egg and see what toy you get. And with so many different toys, you’ll always find something new and surprising.

But let’s not forget the chocolate, with people marveling over its smooth and creamy chocolate paired with crunchy nougat. Whether it’s the surprise element or the creamy texture, Kinder chocolates are a delightful treat for all ages.

Want you and your kid to enjoy this? Give your kid the toy inside, and eat the chocolate. Rinse and repeat for each kid.

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 5: Hershey’s

hershey's best chocolate you can buy the bailiwick academy

Hershey’s chocolate bars are a big favorite in America—and worldwide, too! They’re simple and well-loved for their rich, slightly sweet milk chocolate. People like them—maybe because these chocolate candy bars remind us of simpler times or classic moments.

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 6: KitKat

kitkat the bailiwick academy

KitKats is famous for its jingle and its perfect mix of crispy wafer and smooth chocolate. They’re great for sharing or enjoying on a break. People really like KitKats for their taste and the bright red, easy-to-carry packaging.

KitKats are also fun to eat. You can choose to eat the chocolate bar by bar or break them into pieces. They come in different sizes, too—you can get a pack with 2 bars, 4 bars, or even 8!

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 7: Toblerone

best chocolate you can buy the bailiwick academy toblerone

Toblerone has been a favorite chocolate for a long time, especially in the Philippines since the 90s. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who loved it when relatives brought Toblerone as a chocolate gift from abroad. It’s still also well-known as a chocolate that Filipinos love.

It’s not just tasty with its mix of honey and almond nougat but also looks cool with its unique triangle shape. You don’t have to wait for people abroad anymore to experience this; it’s practically sold everywhere!

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 8: Ferrero Rocher

ferrero rocher the bailiwick academy

For a more luxurious treat, Ferrero Rocher’s layers of wafer, hazelnut, and chocolate are unmatched. Each individually wrapped piece is a little sphere of heaven, making them great for gifts too!

Before, you couldn’t buy this just anywhere, but thankfully, Ferreros are now being sold even in convenience stores.

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 9: M&Ms

M&Ms the best chocolate you can buy the bailiwick academy

Here’s another brand that gives a fun element to the eater. M&Ms’ colorful chocolate coating makes each piece a treat to the eyes and makes it more appealing to eat. And, of course, it helps that they don’t melt in your hand, but they definitely melt deliciously in your mouth!

Each bag comes with a different number of colorful chocolate shells. You never know what you’ll get, which adds to the thrill of opening up a bag of hard candy with a satisfying crunch.

Best Chocolate You Can Buy 10: Mars

Are you a caramel lover but aren’t a fan of nuts? Well, Snickers are out, but Mars bars? Definitely in!

Some may find the Mars bar a bit too cloyingly sweet because of its soft nougat and caramel covered in rich chocolate, but the majority of people love the flavor combination. Bite into one when you need a burst of energy or just some sweet comfort.

For Those Who Are Chocolate Lovers, But…

You might look for delicious chocolates if you’re feeling down, but what if you have to be mindful about sugar intake or you have to guard your weight? Well, here are some ways to stay true to your health goals:

  • Opt for Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is a great choice for those managing sugar intake. It typically contains less sugar than milk chocolate and is rich in cocoa, which is known for its health benefits.
  • Portion Control: Enjoying chocolate in moderation is key. Opt for smaller portions or individually wrapped pieces so you can savor the taste without overindulging.
  • Sugar-Free Options: Many brands offer sugar-free or low-sugar chocolate options. These products use sugar alternatives to provide sweetness, allowing you to enjoy chocolate without impacting your sugar levels.
  • Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: Choose high-quality chocolate with pure ingredients. The richer the flavor, the less you may need to feel content.
  • Balanced Diet: Incorporate your chocolate treat into a balanced diet. Pairing a piece of chocolate with healthy foods like fruits or nuts can balance your overall intake while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite treat.

Being health-conscious doesn’t mean giving up on chocolate. It’s all about making smarter choices.

Of course, it would help if you just had chocolates that were totally guilt-free, right? Well, it’s definitely possible!

Introducing the Keto Candy Bars Class by The Bailiwick Academy!

Check out our latest class with Ms. Chiqui Ortiz Dingcong: Keto Candy Bars!

In this class, you can make guilt-free, low-carb, and sugar-free candy bars—with some tasting just like your favorite chocolates.

You can create four kinds, each with a unique flavor:

Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Balls, a delicious combination of chocolate and crisp hazelnuts in perfectly portioned keto-friendly bites; Keto Peanut Butter Cups, where creamy peanut butter meets luscious sugar-free chocolate; Keto Chocolate Almond Bars, made with a blend of chocolate, roasted almonds, and coconut; and Keto Choco Caramel Candy Bars, boasting rich chocolate, velvety caramel, and a delectable crunchy shortbread cookie!

Not only will these be great to reach for when you’re looking to eat some chocolate, you can also add them to your food business menu—especially in time for the holidays!

What are you waiting for? Make some fine chocolate today that’s totally guilt-free! Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy today!


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more baking and cooking tips, kitchen tricks, and much more!

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