Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos: 7 Duos that Warm the Heart

The bailiwick academy easy soup and sandwich combos

Ever wonder why it’s easy to eat soup and sandwich combos? It’s because when these two are paired together, they create a satisfying meal. 

Think about it: soup is warm, often rich, carries a blend of flavors and can be either chunky or smooth. On the other hand, sandwiches bring the pleasure of hand-held eating with crispy crusts, soft fillings, and deliciousness. And when eaten together, you get a harmonious balance of textures, temperatures, and tastes.

To be honest, with so many options for soup AND sandwich ideas for dinner, lunch, or snacking, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. But that’s what this article is for. Here are 10 good soup and sandwich combos that are easy to make if you’re looking to fill your tummy with some delicious comfort food—fast!

Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos #1: Classic Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwich

easy soup and sandwich combos the bailiwick academy

Why it works: Tomatoes have an acidic tang, contrasting with the cheese’s fatty richness. When the soup’s acidity meets the sandwich’s creamy melted cheese, it creates a balance in our taste buds that’s both rich and refreshing. The crispy crust of the bread also contrasts with the smooth texture of the soup.

Ease of making: You can effortlessly prepare the soup using pantry staples. Just get some cooked tomatoes with your choice of spices, and you’re good to go. The sandwich is a simple affair of encasing cheese between slices of bread and grilling them to a golden hue—serve both, and you get an easy meal ready to be eaten immediately.

Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos #2: Sweet Corn Chowder & Tuna Salad Sandwich

easy soup and sandwich combos the bailiwick academy

Why it works: The inherent sweetness of the corn soup stands in delightful contrast to the briny and salty flavor profile of tuna. This soup-sandwich-combo mirrors the age-old culinary tradition of pairing sweet with salty.

Ease of making: The chowder is easily made by simmering corn kernels with cream and spices, creating a creamy blend. The tuna salad sandwich recipe is even simpler: mix canned tuna with mayonnaise and a few fresh ingredients, then spread on your bread of choice. Both offer rich flavors with minimal effort.

Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos #3: Chicken Noodle Soup & Turkey Club Sandwich

turkey club sandwich the bailiwick academy

Why it works: Both dishes highlight poultry, creating a cohesive flavor profile. The broth’s saltiness enhances the turkey’s flavor, while the sandwich’s fresh veggies offer a crunchy contrast to the soup’s warmth and softness.

Ease of making: Boil chicken pieces in water for the chicken noodle soup. Once it’s cooking, add noodles and some veggies like carrots and peas for a tasty soup with lots of good bits in it. The turkey club sandwich is simply turkey slices with lettuce for crunch, tomatoes for some juice, and bacon, all sandwiched on toasted bread.

Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos #4: Pho Broth & Banh Mi

easy soup and sandwich combos the bailiwick academy

Why it works: Pho’s distinct broth, known for its deep flavors from aromatic spices, brings forward a warm and comforting feel. This richness pairs exceptionally well with a Banh Mi sandwich, which itself is a festival of its own flavors. Pairing these two Vietnamese creations results in a harmonious dining experience!

Ease of making: When preparing Pho, you don’t use a complicated soup recipe. All you‘ll need to do is start simmering beef bones (or chicken) to create a flavorful broth, then infuse it with spices. The whole process can take a few hours, but it’s mostly hands-off. 

As for Banh Mi, you’ll need a baguette filled with ground beef, grilled pork, chicken, or tofu and then layered with pickled vegetables, cilantro, and spicy elements. The sandwich’s assembly is straightforward, making it an accessible dish even for beginners. Talk about an easy dinner, lunch, or snack!

Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos #5: Mushroom Soup and Roast Beef Sandwich

mushroom soup and roast beef sandwich the bailiwick academy

Why it works: Mushroom soup has an earthy and deep umami flavor, making it a perfect complement to the savory richness of roast beef. Also, the mushroom soup’s creamy texture provides a smooth backdrop for the chewy and juicy nature of the roast beef sandwich.

Ease of making: Creating both is pretty straightforward. To make mushroom soup, sautée mushrooms until they release their juices, then blend them with stock and perhaps a touch of cream for added richness. For the roast beef sandwich, layer slices of cooked roast beef onto your bread of choice, then add some mustard or horseradish for a kick.

Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos #6: French Onion Soup and Ham and Cheese Sandwich

easy soup and sandwich combos the bailiwick academy

Why it works: The deep, sweet flavors of caramelized onions in the French Onion Soup complement the salty, savory notes of ham in the sandwich. Plus, it helps that the melted cheese atop the soup goes well with the cheese in the sandwich—and who doesn’t LOVE cheese, right?

Ease of making: Slowly caramelize onions for French Onion Soup to highlight their natural sweetness, then add broth and let it simmer. For your sandwich, layer ham and cheese between slices of bread and toast until the cheese melts and the bread turns golden. Enjoy a soup and sandwich meal with rich flavors!

Easy Soup and Sandwich Combos #7: Potato Soup and Club Sandwich

the bailiwick academy

Why it works: Potato is a comforting soup with a smooth and creamy base and is a great contrast to a club sandwich’s layers of flavors and textures. The simple taste of this soup pairs well with the sandwich’s crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes, and tender chicken. This combo gives each bite a mix of familiar comfort and exciting contrasts, blending smooth, crunchy, soft, and tasty flavors.

Ease of making: For the potato soup, boil and then blend or mash potatoes, then add cream and seasonings for flavor. Layer chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo between toasted bread slices for the club sandwich. Talk about an easy meal!

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Final Thoughts

The timeless soup and sandwich pairing isn’t just about filling your stomach. It’s about tantalizing your taste buds with contrasting textures, temperatures, and flavors. Whether you stick to the ones on this list or try something new, there’s a perfect pairing for everyone!

And, of course, if you just want to be certain that you’re going to make really good soup and sandwich combinations, enroll in Sir Rodney’s Soups and Sandwiches class. Dive in and discover the delicious possibilities!

See you inside that class—and others from The Bailiwick Academy!


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