French Pastries to Try: A Bucket List of Heavenly Delights!

french pastries to try the bailiwick academy

Is France famous for pastries? Yes—the French have it down to a fine art! The combination of delicate flavors, layers, textures, and colors makes French pastries an exquisite treat for the senses—you can even describe them as decadent desserts. And if you have a sweet tooth and appreciate beautiful desserts, you’ll like today’s blog subject: French pastries to try!

Oh, and good news: you won’t have to look for a French bakery or take a trip to France to taste. You can already find some classic French pastries in bakeries in the Philippines. And others?

Well, you can make them right in the comfort of your home, thanks to the courses here at The Bailiwick Academy!

On to the list!


the bailiwick academy french pastries to try croissant

Ah, the iconic croissant! These crescent-shaped, flaky wonders are a staple of French bakeries worldwide. Made with layers of buttery dough, the perfect croissant boasts a crisp exterior and a soft, airy interior. 

Whether they’re plain or filled with chocolate, almonds, or ham and cheese, the croissant is a must-try for any pastry connoisseur.

Is this one of your favorite French pastries? Easily make them at home with our Laminated Dough class by Chef Jimbo de Panadero!


eclair the bailiwick academy

Éclairs are the epitome of pastry elegance. These long and thin choux pastry delights are filled with luscious cream and glazed with glossy icing. Chocolate éclairs are the most famous, but flavors like coffee, pistachio, and raspberry offer a delightful twist on tradition.

No matter the flavor, éclairs are a must-try! You can Google “French pastries near me” to look for the nearest bakery… or just enroll in our Making The Perfect Cream Puffs and Eclairs class! Aside from learning how to make éclairs, you’ll get Chef Jimbo de Pandero’s process for making the perfect cream puff—an added dessert!


macaron french pastries to try the bailiwick academy

First things first—macarons are different from macaroons. Macaroons are coconut-based cookies. On the other hand, French macarons are small, colorful, and delicate almond meringue cookies that sandwich a creamy filling. They come in different flavors, from classic vanilla to exotic lavender, and melt in your mouth.

With their delicate shells and creamy fillings, macarons are a symphony of textures and tastes. Be sure to savor each bite slowly to fully appreciate their charm. But if you can’t (which is totally understandable), just enroll in Chef Joey Prats’ Parisian Macarons class. That way, you can easily make more when you finish your stash of this classic French dessert.


Madeleines are small, sponge cake-like pastries that look like shells. Typically flavored with lemon zest and vanilla, madeleines are a sweet and light treat, perfect with tea or coffee.

These may be petite, but the impact of these French food is out of this world: the French novelist Marcel Proust immortalized the madeleine in literature for its ability to evoke powerful memories.


Mille-Feuille the bailiwick academy

You can also call the mille-feuille a Napoleon pastry. All of us non-French speakers are thankful for this. It’s easier to pronounce, after all!

Going back, the mille-feuille is composed of puff pastry layers and rich pastry cream. The top layer is usually garnished with powdered sugar or icing, sometimes detailed with intricate designs. Each bite offers a satisfying crunch followed by a velvety, creamy center. 

In short, it’s the perfect balance of textures and flavors that makes this pastry a must-try.

Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Chocolat the bailiwick academy french pastries to try

This rectangular pastry is similar to a croissant, but there’s a twist: it contains a delicious chocolate ganache that can ooze out with each bite! The contrast between the flaky pastry and the gooey chocolate is sheer bliss, and can easily make this your favorite French dessert!

Opera Cake

opera cake opera gateaux

We’ve talked about opera cake before; it’s a French dessert that’s known for its richness and elegance. People call it an opera cake because it resembles the structure of an opera house. Isn’t it amazing how its layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream and covered in a chocolate glaze look so good?

And if you want to experience this famous French dessert for yourself, you can enroll in Chef Ely Salar’s Opera Gateaux class! No need to go to a bakery in Paris for this—pretty cool, huh?


Croquembouche french pastries to try the bailiwick academy

We’re sure you’ve seen one of these at grand celebrations, and they’re appropriate for taking center stage! This towering masterpiece consists of profiteroles, or cream puffs, stacked high and bound together with spun sugar. It’s a showstopper at weddings and special occasions, and breaking off a golden puff is a joyous experience.

They’re great alternatives to tall cakes, actually. Add them to your food business by enrolling in Chef Miko Aspiras’ Croquembouche class! Isn’t it nice, another to add to your list of French pastries to make at home?


Kouign-Amann the bailiwick academy

The first thing that came to mind when we encountered this was how you pronounce it? (Spoiler: kween uh·man).

The second? Well, what is this item from the French patisserie?

Well, Kouign-Amann is a pastry from the Brittany region of France. It is notable for its layered composition, similar to plenty of puff pastries, but made with bread dough, butter, and sugar. It gets its distinctive taste from a blend of sweetness and saltiness and is highlighted by a rich buttery flavor.

The multiple layers, achieved through meticulous folding and layering by masterful French pastry chefs, create a crispy, caramelized exterior and a tender, sweet interior, offering a unique combination of textures and flavors.

While it may not have the international recognition of croissants or macarons, Kouign-Amann has experienced a rise in popularity, captivating palates with its decadent richness. You can enjoy it best when it’s fresh from the oven and paired with coffee or tea.

French Tarts

french pastries to try the bailiwick academy

French tarts are an artful combination of crisp pastry crusts and vibrant fruit fillings. Some of the varieties are Tarte aux Fruits, which features a medley of fresh berries or citrus slices, and Tarte au Citron, a flavor that delivers a zesty, lemony punch. No matter what you’re looking for, every palate has a French tart.

Speaking of French Tarts…

Want to try your hand at making these popular French pastries? You’re in luck: Chef Ely Salar has a new class called French Tarts!

These French Tarts are true masterpieces, ready to steal the spotlight on any occasion, especially with Chef Ely’s own special twists for pastry recipes. You can make French tarts that aren’t just fruit fillings, such as Pistachio Crème Brûlée and Tsokolate Salted Caramel. Of course, the classic fruit tarts won’t disappear with the Pecan Tart, Mango Cream Cheese, and Raspberry and Strawberry Tarts.

All are vibrant, filled with luscious pastry cream and a delectably sweet pastry crust. They’ll be sensory delights for your eyes and taste buds.  And with this class, you’ll know the answer to the question, “Are French pastries difficult to make at home?”: not with The Bailiwick Academy!

Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy now to start making these French pastries that are a must-try! You’ll feel like a master French pastry chef in no time!

Final Thoughts On French Pastries To Try

Exploring French pastries is like embarking on a sweet, delectable journey through culinary art. Each pastry has a unique texture, flavor, and appearance, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of France. So the next time you’re in a French bakery, be sure to indulge in these French pastries to try to experience a taste of culinary luxury.

And, of course, sign up at The Bailiwick Academy to make various French pastries at home that are also must-tries. See you in one of our classes!


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen and baking tips, tricks, and much more!

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