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Upgrade your skills through our ONLINE CLASSES

We create LIFE-CHANGING ONLINE AND ON-DEMAND CLASSES that empower Filipino mothers who are passionate about BAKING AND COOKING, to UPSKILL, and help them GAIN CONFIDENCE to


What’s In It For You?

Here are some of the benefits when you ENROLL.

Self Confidence

With our detailed instructional videos, you don’t have to be afraid to try . It’s as if you’re in front of the instructor!

Impress Your Family

With our online classes included in your arsenal, you will definitely be your family’s superstar! Don’t worry, we’re not gonna tell them!

Manage Your Time

Baking has never been this easy with our self paced online classes.

Build Your Empire

We help you turn your passion into a profitable business!

How to Enroll?

Ready to dive in? SIGN UP to ENROLL!

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Click the SIGN UP FOR FREE button.

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Pay the corresponding fee for the class.

Step 03


Play the class that you want to watch.

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How Does It Work?

Curious? Here’s how our students are enjoying our classes.


Learn in the comfort of your home. Anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited access

Watch the class over and over until you master the skill.


Ask your questions about the class in the discussion board and be part of our growing community!

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What Others Say

Sobrang thank you po sa Bailiwick Academy! It really helps a lot for me to gain my confidence in baking. Two thumbs up po! Hope baking will be my future career for me to be with my kids as they grow up!


 / Mom

I am not a baker. Nor am I a cook. But spending time in the kitchen never fails to give me a sense of wonder. Here’s my first take at making ensaymadas. Pretty happy with it. Beginner’s luck? Nah. It’s Chef Joey Prats’ foolproof recipe. I posted in IG and friends are placing orders, with out even tasting it yet. Proof we do eat with our eyes first. And I haven’t styled the shoot. I’m not even sellling. Maybe I should. 

Baloi V

/ Employee

I am really happy I get to know Bailiwick. Thank you so much because I have been learning so many recipes. Not just recipes but sure hit and delicious recipes. I sometimes pause myself from posting because the orders are overwhelming!


/ Mompreneur

About the FounderMarie Grace Parazo

Hi! I’m Marie Grace B. Parazo. I’m a Computer Engineer by profession but I love to eat! During my 8 year stay in the corporate world, I got married and had a child. I searched for ways on how to earn from home so I could take care of our daughter. Since I love eating and sweets, I started my own homebased business, Vidriado Cakes and Pastries, which specializes in customized cakes and cupcakes. I attended various trainings to enhance my skills. This included classes at Heny Sison Culinary School, and International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). But as a Mom of 2, it became quite taxing for me to be going out to attend classes, it was just taking too much of time away from family. This inspired me to set-up a more convenient way of learning, with the mission to support people to turn their hobbies and passion into a profitable business, but still being able have time for things and people that truly matter.

Check out Our Latest ONLINE CLASSES: (insert new classes)

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