We’re going to Cake Fiesta Manila 2022!

cake fiesta manila 2022 the bailiwick academy

If you love cakes – whether making them, eating them, or just simply admiring them – I’m personally inviting you to join Cake Fiesta Manila 2022! It’s happening this coming November 24 to November 26 at SMX Convention Center in Pasay

Oh, and The Bailiwick Academy is going to be there as well at booth A03! 

cake fiesta manila 2022 the bailiwick academy
That’s us!

But what’s Cake Fiesta Manila and what’s going to happen there? Read on to find out!

What is Cake Fiesta Manila 2022?

Cake Fiesta Manila is a cake show. But it’s not just any cake show, it’s ​​the FIRST ever in the Philippines and the biggest one in Asia! It’s a three-day cake show, too!

It will have world-renowned guest cake artists sharing their expertise via live workshops and demos, top local and international companies presenting unique products, cake display entries, and also a cake decorating competition. Sounds exciting, right?

Who organized this event?

Two of the organizers are actually TBA instructors: Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong! They are the founders of Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes in London.

Speaking of them being TBA instructors, make sure to check out their classes!

Decorating with Buttercream:

Wonderful Woodland:

Going back, Valeri and Christina were catching up with one of their friends, Penk Chink of Pastry Bin. They started talking about cake shows they have experienced and that’s when the idea of holding a cake show here in the Philippines started to get baked (pardon the pun). 

Why did they decide to make this happen?

After all, there’s already the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, Soflo Cake and Candy Expo, America’s Cake Fair, The Ultimate Sugar Show Atlanta, and so much more… and that’s in the USA alone!

There’s also the Cake International Show, Cake & Bake Show, Cake & Bake Germany, Sugar Paris, Die Kuchenmesse Cake Fair Austria for Europe, and in Australia, Cake, Bake & Sweets Show, International Cake Show Australia, Cake Expo Brisbane.

So they thought, why not have a cake show that’s in the Philippines? That way, they can give aspiring bakers and cake artists the opportunity to experience one, especially those that can’t afford to fly out of the Philippines for now.

And by organizing Cake Fiesta Manila, they aim to elevate the skills and quality of cake decorating in Asia, not just by partnering with top suppliers, but also getting the best teachers all over the world to show their expertise. Plus, they’re implementing cake competitions to challenge aspiring bakers and cake makers!

It’s their way of spotlighting the many people in the cake community with skills and talent in cake. And isn’t that a great way of suddenly putting the spotlight on talented people who just lack the platform and exposure? You never know what kind of talent you’ll discover in these competitions!

What will happen in Cake Fiesta Manila 2022?

Well, as I mentioned above, this show is not just for those IN the industry. This is for everyone who loves making cakes even for their own enjoyment, as well as for those who want to learn to make cakes and simply eat them!

Activities include:

  • Competitions (not sure if it’s going to be like MasterChef levels, but it will definitely be interesting to watch!), like the Cake Display Competition
  • Make and Take classes, where you’ll get to pick from six fast, 45-minute cupcake/ cookie classes each day! Get to learn some fun and cute designs with buttercream and fondant with multiple techniques and learning outcomes!
  • Free demos and paid demos

Of course, you should also check out the various booths for freebies (hey, you never know!) and the food! 

What will The Bailiwick Academy do in Cake Fiesta Manila?

We’re still cooking things up to make your Cake Fiesta visit to our booth more than awesome, but for a teaser, check out what we did last 2019! Watch the playlist below:

Plus, you never know who of your favorite Bailiwick instructors will drop by our booth. You might get to see them in person, have a picture with them, and ask them your burning questions! -wink wink-

Make sure to stay tuned to The Bailiwick Academy Facebook page for more details soon!

How do I join Cake Fiesta Manila 2022?

It’s easy – get your tickets here for Cake Fiesta Manila 2022. You have choices for tickets, as well as if you just want to drop by for one day only or enjoy all three days of the fiesta.

cake fiesta manila 2022

Personally, I would go to all three days – you never know what you might miss!

Cake-making demos, cakes on display, the chance to meet your various idols in the cake-making industry… What more could you want, right?

Make sure to buy your ticket to Cake Fiesta Manila 2022! Remember, it’s happening on November 24 to 26 – that’s later this month! 

Oh, and don’t forget to drop by The Bailiwick Academy at Booth A03 and please say hi! I would love to meet as many of you in person.

See you then!


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips, tricks, and much more!

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