The Bailiwick Academy is FIVE YEARS OLD!

five years old the bailiwick academy

This is the very first blog post of 2023, and can I just say, wow! Can you believe that The Bailiwick Academy is FIVE YEARS OLD?

Yes, you got that right! It’s our fifth anniversary this month – on upcoming January 17, 2023, to be exact! I’m still over the moon about it, because who knew that this business I started in 2018 would still be ongoing and thriving? 

Aside from celebrating, I’m also sighing in relief because I know most businesses actually fail in the first five years. In fact, most don’t even reach five years old!

And before I start thinking ahead about how I’ll reach, six, seven, eight, or even ten years, I’m going to take the time to celebrate this win slash momentous occasion. Hey, after all, I was able to do that when TBA turned two, three, and four, right? 

As always, I know me and the rest of TBA wouldn’t be here without your continued trust and support. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today!

So with that, join me as I take a little trip down memory lane, and take a look at some of the amazing things that happened last year!

We added four new instructors to our roster.

In our continuing mission to help you turn your passion for cooking and baking into profit, we’re always looking for new mentors to be part of our teaching roster. And last year, we added four:

Chef Max Nadin

five years old max nadin the bailiwick academy

Chef Him Uy De Baron;

five years old him uy de baron the bailiwick academy

Sir Rodney Martinez;

rodney martinez the bailiwick academy

And Coach Miguel Campaner

miguel campaner five years old

Chef Max, Chef Him, and Sir Rodney all added new cooking classes while Coach Miguel added a free marketing class which you can access in your student dashboard.

Five years old = forty plus NEW classes added!

Speaking of classes, this year, more than 40 classes were added for your additional and continued education! Let’s check them out.

Chef Joey Prats

From Chef Joey Prats, we got Special Celebration Cakes II:

Tres Leches Cake:

Crusty European-Style Whole Wheat Bread:

Amazing Butter Cakes Master Class:

Classic French Baguettes:

And Blueberry and Lemon Swan Cake!

Six world-class indulgent baking courses = yum!

Chiqui Ortiz Dingcong

Ms. Chiqui Ortiz Dingcong added more of her keto recipes to our courses, such as Keto Bread The Gluten Free Series:

The Keto Cakes bundle:

Keto Ice Cream:

Keto Italian Bakes:

Keto Cakes 2:

And Keto Bibingka Atbp!

We’re happy to be able to provide more options for those who are watching their health or are on a keto diet!

Chef Jimbo de Panadero

Master baker Chef Jimbo de Panadero shared more of his bread-based recipes in different courses like Empanada de Kaliskis:

Korean-Style Egg Drop Sandwich and More!:

Panaderia Favorites 2:

And Bakery-Style Buko Pie.

You’re sure to have a delicious-smelling kitchen when you’re done with one of his recipes!

Chef Miko Aspiras

If you’re familiar with Chef Miko, you’d know that he always adds a special flair to his creations, as can be seen in his new classes, starting with the Fruit Extravaganza Bundle:


And Sweet Spreads Deluxe.

You can be sure you’ll experience a different kind of visual feast – and taste, of course!

Chef Chona Laureta

Our resident champion of Filipino flavors Chef Chona released only one class last year: Special Pinoy Tarts.

But if you’re missing more of what she can teach, don’t worry: I promise you’ll see more of her this coming year!

Chef Max Nadin

When Chef Max made his debut in The Bailiwick Academy, he caused quite a stir, to say the least. One of the reasons was that he released plenty of FREE classes you can access in your Student Dashboard, such as How to Roast Garlic, How to Make Onigiri, How to Caramelize Onions, How to Make Eggs Benedict, and Blooming Onions. 

While all these are great, he also gave TBA even more valuable classes such as Donburi:

Pocket Bread:

Terrific Tacos:

And just in time for the holidays, Chicken Galantina

What an awesome set of courses, right? Wait until what he has in store for you for 2023!

Chef Him Uy De Baron

Chef Him is highly versatile and a master of different cuisines, which definitely shows in his classes such as Taste of Thai:

Flavors of India:

His FREE class Ribeye Bibimbap, which you can also access in your dashboard, is a good way to try out the flavors of Korean cuisine. And if you want to be able to try out even more cuisines in one class, there’s always Hawker-Style Specials!

Rodney Martinez

In his first year with TBA, Sir Rodney gave you literally meaty classes, like Easy Persian Style Kebabs:

Burger Obsession:

And another hit for the holidays, Delicious Glazed Hams!

More meat coming this 2023 – that’s a guarantee!

Miguel Campaner

Coach Miguel came up with his free course “How to Effectively Market Your Home Business without Feeling Sales-y” – just look for it in your Student Dashboard. Never feel like a sleazy salesperson ever again after watching this!

Five years old in the business also means giving back.

I started TBA because I wanted to HELP. Sometimes though, even people who need and want to be helped simply do not have the resources to avail of this help. That’s why the team and I came up with the Wish Ko Lang Nomination Contest.

five years old the bailiwick academy

Curious about it?

Well, basically, if you know anyone who’s passionate about baking and wants to start their own home-based business but has no equipment, just nominate that person. TBA will help that person pursue their dreams!

Just tell us why you’re nominating that person, and why that person deserves to be the one chosen among the many who will also be nominated. Even if they live outside of the Philippines, you can nominate them!

And if they get picked, they’ll get a Baker’s Starter Set consisting of:

  • A Hanabishi 90 L oven (HEO-90RSS)
  • Various baking tools
  • Access to one of The Bailiwick Academy’s baking courses 

Here are the complete mechanics:

five years old the bailiwick academy

Comment on this thread to nominate who you want to be blessed! Help us help those who deserve it, okay?

TBA being five years old also means more face-to-face opportunities!

I was also pretty happy last year because I had plenty of opportunities to finally meet Bailiwickers in person! COVID kept us away for far too long from face-to-face activities, so it was a relief that these pushed through:

Godel Chocolate Factory tour

Thanks to Ms. Chiqui, me and other Bailiwickers got to tour the Godel Chocolate Factory last October. As Ms. Chiqui said, we all learned a lot that day, and took home a lot of loot! 

TBA Connect 

Last September was the TBA Connect: Meet. Greet. Connect. Despite the rains during that time, a lot of Bailiwickers joined in both the live and virtual event. I was happy meeting a lot of them plus getting to see and talk to the instructors face-to-face too!

Cake Fiesta Manila 2022

The pandemic halted this cake show for a while, but thankfully, Cake Fiesta Manila 2022 pushed through! Aside from getting to see a lot of cake artists, I also got to see instructors and Bailiwickers! And since it was three day event, that made it even more fun for me!

Christmas dinner with the team

It was indeed a happy holiday for me because I was finally able to get the TBA team and instructors in one place to celebrate! TBA wouldn’t be here without them as well, agree?

Face-to-face workshops

We’re currently working on getting face-to-face workshops with groups and companies who might be interested. In fact, we already got two last year. One with Chef Chona:

And one with Chef Max!

five years old the bailiwick academy

So if you know anyone who wants a team building or a group bonding activity, just let me or the TBA team know! We’ll take care of it, and we promise that the participants will have a fun time!

Speaking of face-to-face activities…

Like I said, The Bailiwick Academy wouldn’t be here, turning five years old, without your trust and support. That’s why I want you to be part of our celebration!

As The Bailiwick Academy turns five years old, The Philippines’ First Online Learning Platform for Baking and Cooking, is going to REACH OUT, RESPOND, REVV UP, and REIGNITE passions that deserve the spotlight! 

Passions for discovering more of what we can do wherever, whenever…

For good food and the good life…

And the passion for baking and cooking!

That’s why we’re having a 2-day to commemorate this special happening!

January 16, 2023 – Celebrating five years old online

On January 16, 2023, we’re having a virtual event.

It’s going to be streamed live on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. And there will be plenty of raffle prizes to be given away!

Want to join and get the chance to win amazing prizes? Make sure to register here so that your name can be included in the draws! Deadline to sign up is on January 12, 2023, 11:59 PM Manila Time.

January 17, 2023 – Celebrating five years old face-to-face!

On the second day of the celebration (January 17, 2023) we’re holding a LIVE event!

This will be in Kessler’s Kitchen in Sta. Rosa Laguna from 2 to 6 pm. What’s happening or what will you get in this event, you ask? Well:

  • Games exclusive for LIVE attendees
  • A LIVE Chef Joey Prats demo on how to make Torta Caprese, an Italian flourless chocolate cake
  • Food tasting of the cake after
  • A recording of the Chef Joey’s live demo – think of it getting not only a live class, but getting a recording of it after, too! 
  • A lot of sumptuous food.
  • An exclusive loot bag
  • More chances to win exciting raffle prizes only for those who attend LIVE
  • The chance to meet some of your favorite chefs and instructors in person
  • Networking time with your fellow Bailiwickers

In other words, it’s one packed event!

And we also have a FREE shuttle service for those who have no transportation to and from Laguna. Pick up points will be in Tiendesitas at 11 AM, and in SM Bicutan at 12 noon, and you’ll get dropped off there after the event.

Want to join? Well, do know that because the space is limited, tickets are only for a maximum of 40 students. So if you want to come with us, make sure to get your ticket here before we run out!

Final Thoughts

fourth anniversary the bailiwick academy

This may be an old picture, but I think it’s still appropriate to use. Thank you once again for the support. It’s only with you that The Bailiwick Academy has been able to achieve so many things.

I’m excited for 2023 because the team and I have so much in store for you! I hope you’re excited as well.

In the meantime, I hope to see you on both dates of our fifth year celebration! Make sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page and our emails so that you’re updated with our occasions and happenings!

And if you’re reading this right now, but you’re still not part of the community, don’t delay! Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy today!


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips, tricks, and much more!

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