Movie Night Snacks to Make During the Summer!

movie night snacks to make

As summer approaches in the Philippines, we bet you and other families are gearing up for a family movie night or two (or more!), thanks to the cool respite provided by air conditioning. Nothing beats bonding over a great film… But no movie night is complete without some delicious snacks to munch on while you watch, right? That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best movie night snacks to make for your family.

After you check this list out, you’ll no longer wonder what to eat at a movie night. In fact, your next problem might be choosing one for your movie night menu!

Movie Night Snack Idea 1: Popcorn 

popcorn the bailiwick academy movie night snacks to make

If you’re watching your favorite movies, you’ve GOT to have popcorn with you. It’s the classic movie night snack. And you know what’s great about popcorn? You can take it up a notch by adding flavors as soon as you’re done popping some kernels into your pot or popcorn maker.

Here are some flavors you should definitely try:

Parmesan cheese popcorn

To make some delicious cheesy popcorn, melt butter in a separate saucepan and drizzle it over the popcorn. After that, put some grated Parmesan cheese over the buttered popcorn. Make sure to distribute it evenly. Add garlic powder or dried herbs like oregano and basil for some extra flavor!

Salted caramel popcorn

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and salty (or sweet and savoury) for your movie night snack, salted caramel popcorn is a great option. It’s an easy recipe to achieve, too. Just melt some butter and brown sugar in a saucepan until it becomes caramel. 

After that, pour the caramel over the popcorn and toss the popcorn until it’s all even. Let it cool, and let the caramel harden before serving.

Chocolate popcorn

If you believe that chocolate goes with everything, you’ll definitely enjoy popcorn with melted chocolate. Feel free to use dark, white, or milk chocolate, then add nuts or sprinkles to the mix for added texture, color, and flavor!

Feel like being creative and treating your family? Why not imitate popcorn bars in theaters and present all three flavors? Talk about elevating movie nights at home!

Movie Night Snack Idea 2: Ice Cream

ice cream the bailiwick academy
Chocolate is just one option. Get the flavors you want!

You know how eating ice cream while watching a movie has been associated with negative feelings? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time! Ice cream can definitely be enjoyed on movie night – eat out of the pint or with a cone.

Feel free to pair it with other snacks, like cookies, brownies, and popcorn. Just make sure to prepare some napkins, as it can get messy when your ice cream starts to melt. 

And if you’re looking for some ice cream recipes, you don’t have to look far! You can check out Chef Joey Prats’ Artisan and No Churn Ice Creams class for some of the best ice cream you can make. And if you want some low-carb, guilt-free options, try Ms. Chiqui Dingcong’s Keto Ice Cream class.

Movie Night Snack Idea 3: Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies movie night snacks to make the bailiwick academy

Here’s an idea for snacks to make for a movie night: cookies! And to make it even better, make chocolate chip cookies! After all, cookies are great, but cookies with chocolate chips? Heaven! 

These classic snacks are a sure crowd-pleaser since almost everyone loves them. They’re also pretty easy to whip up and can be paired with other movie night snacks. That makes them safe, reliable, and definitely one of the good movie snacks to make.

For one of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes, check out Chef Bam Piencaneves’ Gourmet Cookies class!

Movie Night Snack Idea 4: A snack mix!

snack mix the bailiwick academy

Want easy-to-make movie snacks? Well, sometimes, you don’t need to whip up anything in the kitchen. Just buy different varieties like gummy worms, gummy bears, trail mix, rice krispie treats, a chocolate-covered pretzel or two, and pretty much whatever you want to add. ​​

If it’s good enough for Halloween, it’s good enough for movie night!

And if there are plenty of you in the family, this will give each member a choice of snack boards. They can personalize what they want to eat to their hearts’ content.

Movie Night Snack Idea 5: A charcuterie board

movie night snacks to make charcuterie board

You might be seeing charcuterie boards all over the Internet and think that they’re hard to do, but they actually fall under DIY movie night snacks. You don’t need anything super fancy – just a board! After that, buy an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, mixed nuts, and other small bites.

And since a board is customizable anyway, (it’s YOUR board, after all!), tailor it to what you and your family like. Add cream cheese, spinach artichoke dip, or again, whatever you feel like fits your meat selection. Enjoy as you watch your favorite movie!

Movie Night Snack Idea 6: Sandwiches

sandwiches the bailiwick academy

Sandwiches are convenient to eat, and depending on what you make, can even serve as movie night dinner. Just like popcorn, sandwiches are very versatile. You have the choice of serving sweet sandwiches or savory ones that can also serve as dinner.

And if you want sweet sandwiches, try pairing breads from Chef Jimbo Panadero’s Commercial Breads class with spreads from the Sweet Spreads Deluxe class by Chef Miko Aspiras. We’re sure you and your family will enjoy the combination!

On the other hand, if you want sandwiches that can also be dinner, the Pocket Bread class by Chef Max Nadin and the Burger Obsession class by Sir Rodney Martinez are two possible options for you to check out.

Movie Night Snack Idea 7: Buffalo wings

movie night snacks to make buffalo chicken wings the bailiwick academy

Buffalo chicken wings are one of the most popular snacks in America. Why, you ask? Well, because these wings are packed with flavor and are easy to eat. You’ll have no problem eating them while keeping an eye on the movie. 

They’re a bit time-consuming to prepare compared to the other snacks on this list but the result is worth it. Make sure that you have blue cheese dip to have even better flavors!

Of course, eating buffalo wings can be messy, so keep some napkins and wet wipes on hand. Or you can make like the restaurants and keep some plastic gloves nearby!

These aren’t the only good snacks to make for movie night!

We hope you enjoyed this list of snacks for movie night. Do take note that in no way is this a definitive list for a movie night menu. If for example, you want Indian snacks for movie night (if you do, enroll in Chef Him Uy De Baron’s Flavors of India class) or healthy movie snacks recipes, you can go for it. After all, it is YOUR movie night.

What’s important is that you and your family get to come together and bond over a shared love of a movie or two. The delicious snacks just elevate the experience and make it more memorable and enjoyable. 

Enjoy movie nights!

Speaking of chicken wings as a movie snack…

Does the idea of chicken wings as a movie night snack appeal to you and your family? Are you now looking for easy recipes but you’re not sure which one to try?

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In this class, you won’t only be making Buffalo Wings with delicious Blue Cheese dip, but you’ll also be making two more flavors:

  • Garlic Parmesan wings that come with a sweet and slightly tangy Honey-Dijon Dip; and
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Yes, that’s right: you’ll get three amazing flavors with yummy dips that are simple to make but packs a flavor punch!

In short, taking this class will practically give you the golden ticket to chicken wing deliciousness! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy today and get your hands on these delicious recipes. They’re not only good for movie night dinners or snacks, but for your food business, too! 

Hey, there are many restaurants who offer unli-chicken wings. Why not you – especially if you have better tasting wings, right?


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips, tricks, and much more!

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